Visar: Hey guys, Visar here at the Predictable Premium Live event. We’re just taking a little break, and we got Don Albino here with us. Don Albino, what was your biggest takeaway this week, and if you were to sum it up, what did you mostly learn?
Don: Everything. Everything’s perfect. The way Alberto teaches us is the best from the best. I like everything, the thinking, the method that we have to go implement ourselves first, and then we go outside, and get our work done. We have to work on us first before we get into the field. I like that.
Visar: Excellent. Excellent. Thank you so much Don Albino, and we look forward to working with you in the future, and it’s been great having you here so thank you for coming.
Don Albino: Gracias
Visar: De nada.
Don: Gracias te Alberto y hey, you’re welcome. Don’t delay in taking his advice. Thank you, Visar.
Visar: Thank you.
Don Albino: Thank you, Alberto.
Visar: Thank you, Don Albino. Thank you.